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Our Story.

Founded in 2013 by Peter Smets, an expert with more than 25 years of experience in the fruits and vegetables sector. Peter left the family company P. Smets & Zn. in Geleen to focus on his agency Smets Food Trading.

Peter Smets started his company to focus on the import of smaller fruits and vegetables. Smets Food Trading is an attractive partner, because of a wide variety of international growers and products. We’ll always look for a product that matches our customers expectation. Our customers receive information about the actual supply and market circumstances. Smets Food Trading has several logistic partners, in that way we can deliver very fast, directly from the grower to our customer.

Our customers are mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium, around 50 in total. Our customer-group is consisting of importers, exporters, wholesalers and supermarket-suppliers.

Now we exist for over 5 years and the company has grown to 10 employees, with different tasks within the company. All the employees are hardworking people with love for fruits and vegetables. We speak many languages, amongst others Dutch, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.

During the past years our company launched and developed projects of supply from countries all over Europe. Operating with a full range of products and all possible logistics ways focusing on the customer’s needs. The transport of the goods is being organised by our transport planning department, considering the loading times at the suppliers, but also the unloading times at the customers.

Our Team.

Peter Smets

    046 2060 201
     06 23 82 55 47

René Kraaijeveld

    046 2060 202
     06 22 80 14 53

Natasha Zhukova

    046 2060 203
     06 12 60 98 85

Nathalie op den Kamp

Finance & Administration
    046 2060 222

Kai Slangen

Marketing, Multimedia & Office
    046 2060 224



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